He came out of nowhere with a hole in his shoe to peddle Grandyne, a formidable new drug guaranteed to foster nasty little men's stature. He finds a fabulously lucrative market in the rolling-in-dough streets of New York City, and even though he never inhaled Grandyne himself, there is something about his hair and his ever so slight limp, that makes society women swoon. So, when the grandest one of them all, who happens to own the American media, joins up with the frenzy, he has no choice but to become proficient at doing away with anyone inclined to dispute his greatness.

Copyright © 2009 by Marlborough Publishing
T H E  O F F I C I A L  S I T E
A sneak peak into the comedy in
13 love stories
of politically correct lionhearts
deaf to all but their own roar.
From New York to Berlin, to sunny Hollywood and rainy Moscow, on to Hong Kong, Prague, and Buenos Aires, deep into a soggy Brazilian rain forest, and up the frosty Swiss Alps -- to prove that even though political correctness is no longer a joke, there is plenty of comedy in its would-be gracious principles.
When political correctness finally barnstorms California’s backcountry, a charismatic young cowboy is brainwashed into a government job and a politically correct undercover action in a faraway exotic place that calls for the ultimate self-sacrifice to make a loony politician in Washington look noble.
."One of the greatest talents Pour shows in writing this book is the ability of creating not just suspense and atmosphere, but also characters with unique but plausible, well-defined past, present and personality, so the reader feels their existence and wants to know more about them."
-- Eric Jones,
"There are tons of novels available, but the ability to write a singularly perfect story is rare. That's why I especially enjoyed Anthony Pour's work because in just a few pages he takes you into the lives of the characters he creates, gives you a sense of where they are, and then, at the end, never fails to surprise you."   -- Alan Caruba, Bookviews