He came out of nowhere with a hole in his shoe to peddle Grandyne, a formidable new drug guaranteed to foster nasty little men's stature. He finds a fabulously lucrative market in the rolling-in-dough streets of New York City, and even though he never inhaled Grandyne himself, there is something about his hair and his endearing limp, that makes society women swoon. So, when the grandest one of them all, who happens to own the American media, joins up with the frenzy, he feels perfectly justified to do away with anyone inclined to dispute his greatness as he gets involved in
a global solar energy scam that dwarfs any drug-pusher's wealth and political power.

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T H E  O F F I C I A L  S I T E
.When political correctness barnstorms California's backcountry, a charismatic young cowboy can only watch in shocked disbelief as the girl-next-door he was about to marry falls head over heels for a fast-talking politician who knows how to use ideology to get hold of people's minds before grabbing their land. The politician has no problem brainwashing the infatuated girl into helping him label the heartbroken cowboy's blues as a deliberate antisocial behavior harmful to his fellow men - thus forcing him to repent and make amends by taking a government job that packs him off head on into a dicey undercover action in a hostile faraway land that calls for the ultimate self-sacrifice to make political correctness back home look noble.
"There are tons of novels available, but the ability to write a singularly perfect story is rare. That's why I especially enjoyed Anthony Pour's work because in just a few pages he takes you into the lives of the characters he creates, gives you a sense of where they are, and then, at the end, never fails to surprise you."   -- Alan Caruba, Bookviews
"He was a nice guy, but . . . so in love
with that politically correct woman."
13 politically incorrect love stories from around the world.
From New York to Berlin, to sunny Hollywood and rainy Moscow, on to Hong Kong, Prague, and Buenos Aires, deep into a soggy Brazilian rain forest, and up the frosty Swiss Alps -- to prove that despite the despotic fantasy of a perfect dream world for all, real-life human relations are not about to blink in the face of even the most stringent, politically correct rules and regulations.